The Global Hockey League is a simulation hockey league based in EA Sports NHL 20. The league features 31 globally branded teams that replace their current NHL counterparts. Participants join the Discord and place their player's required information in the appropriate draft class channel. All draftees start as an 80 overall with a high franchise potential which will change over time based upon their statistical performance. New players are selected in drafts that happen once per 82 game season and your team carries over into all upcoming seasons.



We have 31 dedicated General Managers that manage the teams in the Global Hockey League. As a player you have the ability to ask your manager for more ice time or even a trade if you don't like the team fit. Just know these requests may come with repercussions in the form of less ice time and extended time frames for the requests made. For instance, if your player requests a trade to a specific team, that trade may take up to a full month or longer to come to fruition. However, if your player requests a trade to a specific division or even any team within the league, those requests will take less time. Keep in mind, when you ruffle feathers with management your ice time may suffer!


All Global Hockey League draftees start at 80 overall with a High Franchise potential no matter their position. Each draftee's overall will go up or down naturally over the course of the season. However, their potential will rise or fall dependent upon their statistical performance throughout the year. If your player is in contention for a Calder trophy in their first year, you can expect them to retain their High Franchise potential. On the other hand, if your player seriously under performs, you'll see a heavy drop in potential. Don't forget father time. As time goes on your player will eventually start to regress due to their age.


The Global Hockey League is no different than the NHL. Players deserve recognition for their yearly achievements. All the awards you know and love are up for grabs within the league. Plus, if your player brings home an award you can expect a nice boost to their attributes for the following season! 



In order to submit your player info you have to join our Discord server. Once you've joined the Discord, locate the correct draft channel (currently #GHL-Draft-Class-2021) and input your player's info. The channel has an example of player information pinned to the top of the channel for reference.

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