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Twas the Night Before Game 7

It was the night before Game 7 of the GHL Stanley Cup Finals, and all through the arena, not a creature was stirring, not even the cup.

Back in the Seattle Titans GM's hotel lobby was a different story. I caught up with Andrew Crash via Zoom at nearly midnight. He sat in a leather back chair with a fireplace at his backside, sipping on a glass of what I presume was a top shelf liqueur although I never did inquire. When I asked Mr. Crash what his thoughts were on the season and what it means that his team is one win away from a Stanley Cup Championship he responded by saying "I didn’t know what to expect, stepping into the role of a General Manager within the GHL. I knew the Tusks (now renamed the Titans) had a great season the year before, so I had big shoes to fill. Definitely took some gambles this season, like trading away an established goaltender (Jonathan Quick) for one half of the GHL’s version of the Sutters (Ricky Dundae), to running with a Dman (Dion Phaneuf) on right wing all season. Seeing the team grind it’s way to a chance at a championship... couldn’t have imagined that day one.". It seemed to me that Andrew Crash would be at peace no matter the outcome but I'm certain that he'd be more than thankful to bring the Cup home to Seattle.

On the other end of the opposition, I had a chance to meet with the Shanghai Sting's GM Christian Peppsie the night after their Game 6 loss in Seattle and he was semi-optimistic despite the outcome of the game (a 3-0 loss to force a game 7). I posed the question whether or not Mr. Peppsie imagined he'd see his team in the Stanley Cup Finals with the Cup in their grasp and he replied "When I started the season with Shanghai I admittedly had low expectations for the team. But during the season they worked hard to prove me wrong at every turn and they continue to prove me wrong about doubting them. I hope the prove me wrong again in two night's time.". Now the time is almost up and we get to find out if the Sting can capture a Stanley Cup for the first time in the team's history dating back to their days as the Columbus Blue Jackets within the NHL.

The Stanley Cup may not be stirring the night before Game 7 but it will certainly be in the building tomorrow night and it will be hoisted above the winner's heads.

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