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Austin, TX — Site of the 2020 GHL combine.

The patented agape blank stare, Louie Senpaski often appears void of thought, but that’s not true. Making the GHL and hockey is all he thinks about. Senpai just missed out age wise of getting drafted last offseason. “Just hitting the gym and getting on the ice whenever possible, trying not think of it.” Lou upset by missing the inaugural season only fuels the fire to have an impressive rookie season.

Louie has another special story going into this Draft, Senpaski could be the first player to be drafted in his home state. Austin Texas the site of the 2020 GHL draft is just a couple hours from his childhood home. “It is an amazing opportunity to be drafted in the GHL alone, but to have my whole family there for the biggest moment of my career? There are no words.”

Senpaski doesn’t care which team picks him, but states he is loyal to whoever gives him a sweater. “If they draft me ya know? That’s them stating they believe in me.” After several meetings with most of the GMs in the GHL, Louie is projected to literally go to any team. “I don’t have a preference I just wanna play and do my best. Whatever crest I wear it’s going to be my home.”

Senpaski reads the stat sheets to gauge his competition for next season but only catches a couple games when he can. Training has kicked into high gear as the season ticks down to the final games. The undersized forward may not be the biggest hitter in the league by a long shot, but what he lacks in brute strength he makes up for with his speed and deadly accuracy. Every week night you can catch him on the ice running shooting drills picking his corners. Working on his shot until the Zamboni driver tells him to leave. 

The Texas native has recently made a couple connections with GHL players, Jake Williamson, Happy Gilmore, Angelo Barzel and Rebecca Mock. The chance to practice with them has been invaluable. “They are fantastic players, when they offer advice you listen up ya know?” Mock being of similar build and play style has really came into the league with 34 hits she is tied for third among GHL rookies. “Mock is crazy ya know? She is out there a sniper and really putting herself in position to make big hits and big plays.”

As this season plays out, Senpaski’s interest in games have heightened. “These guys are my future rivals, you can never be over prepared, with the playoffs around the corner you get to see every player giving 110% ya know?” Lou said “The competition is intense, I can’t wait to get out there and really compete.” The season winds down, the training for next season only gets more intense. “I can tell all those guys are on another level and I am just not there yet.” 

“It’s frustrating and exciting watching these games from afar, in a way I feel like I am missing out. On the other though I feel like I have the advantage, I have seen all them play and they don’t even know who I am.” Senpaski doesn’t have to worry about them not knowing his name for much longer. 

(Photo courtesy of The Global Hockey League)

Sean Lewdenski is the Head Analyst and insider for The GHL. Originally from Warsaw, Poland, he has moved to the states to pursue the American Dream.

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