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It’s Cool to be Geeks.

Kamloops, BC — home of the ever popular Geeks.

Canadian hockey players are a dime a dozen. So what does it take to be popular and stand out? Jeremiah Geeks has that all figured out. “Easy, be yourself. I guess a bunch a nerds just like me.” His huge following wait almost more excitedly then Geeks for draft day. 

The top defensive prospect, spends most of his day hanging out with his friends and fans he dubbed “nerds”. Hockey seems to come naturally to him. Yet, Geeks understands the importance of the next few months leading to draft day. “It’s huge eh? I am just excited to get started.” 

Such talent and charisma Geeks would make a huge addition to any team. Even so, it seems Geeks has one request. “Ontario, right? That place sucks. It’s awful. That’s why I refused to meet with the (Thunder Bay) Bucks. Terrible place.” So it would seem Jeremiah will be drafted to another team, where his suitors are not scarce. 

The mustachioed Geeks is life long friends with Lionel Matthews, Joseph Tylers, and last season’s February player of the month Kurt Malone. “Those boys played hard on the pond, eh? It’s easy to see why they are having success in the GHL.” Geeks being in such high competition early on and appealing for many of the GMs in the GHL who are eyeing him to go early in the draft. “It would be a dream to go in the first round.”

Geeks is an offensive powerhouse on the blue line. A weaponized slap shot, Geeks helped push the Kamloops Blazers into the Ed Chynoweth Cup finals, where he found himself victorious, but losing in the Memorial Cup Finals. “It’s a roller coaster of emotions you know? You win a Cup and you’re on top of the world but you come so close to that Memorial Cup. It breaks your heart, I really wanted to bring that one home for the Nerds.”

A tough learning experience makes Geeks just hungrier to get into the GHL. “This season I am ready. We will win, whatever team that picks me, as long as it’s no where near Onterrible.” The Canadian superstar is breaking into the league in just a few months, with a fire unmatched by any other prospect.

(Photo courtesy of The Global Hockey League)

Sean Lewdenski is the Head Analyst and insider for The GHL. Originally from Warsaw, Poland, he has moved to the states to pursue the American Dream.

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