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We recently found the time to catch up with Global Hockey League rookie Nate Folks, who was drafted by the Prince Edward Island Predators in the 3rd round of the 2020 GHL Entry Draft.

Nate doesn't get caught up on things like the number he was drafted at. When asked if he's more determined than ever after being selected so late in the draft (87th overall), he simply replied "There's a lot of competition (in the 2020 draft class) so I am not concerned about what round I got drafted in. It's just a number."

The Predators 2019 season was a little rocky but they managed to make the playoffs after 82 games. Ultimately, the team was unable to make it out of the first round, mostly due to a lack of offense. Folks believes that he'll be able to produce that offensive punch that may be able to propel the Preds deeper into the post-season. "I think I have the tools to give this group a different look on the offensive side of play. It'll all depend on how the coach and the GM want to utilize me in the end." Nate said confidently.

When your population is as tight-knit as P.E.I's, the passion of the fanbase is extremely evident. Nate knows that playing on the island is going to come with added pressures from the media but he won't let that distract him from his game. "The media is something not to worry about, I just try to focus on the game. Make sure I'm ready for the season, you know?" Nate said while calmly taping his stick.

Nate's calm demeanor drew us in. We wanted to know who Folks' inspirations were when he was aspiring to make the GHL and he said that Crosby was his biggest role model. "Crosby, a guy who's won the cup... I try to see myself in his shoes, envision how I can become like him." When asked about what player he would compare his play to he picked an extremely offensively talented player in Austin Matthews.

It's no surprise that the rookie forward has an offensive side himself. Folks managed to put up 39 goals with the Victoriaville Tigres in his final season in the QJMHL. We asked Nate if he had a prediction for his point total in his rookie season (currently 2 in 2 games played) and he didn't hold back stating he's looking for 70.

One thing is for sure, it certainly won't take long until the folks on the island love Nate if he lives up to his expectations for himself.

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