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Recently sophomore forward Joseph Tylers requested a move from Quebec. GM of the Seals Alexi Stepanov moved quickly to add this scoring forward. “I’ve been handed a bright color defensive mess, we need someone to put the cheese on the top shelf.” Stepanov believes Tylers is that fix.

Tylers' camp seems very pleased with the outcome as well, given this letter from the office of Joseph Tylers' Agent:

"We are extremely pleased to hear of the deal that has our client heading to California to play for your great organization. Tylers is looking forward to contributing to the Seals offense and playing alongside his friends Louie Senpaski and Todd Dawkins."

Todd Dawkins was silently strong on the blue line last season, and Senpaski one of our most talked-about prospects leading up to the draft, fell to the 16th pick. Louie feels like he has something to prove. “I heard my name called got my ticket and flew out as quick as possible, been hitting the weights with Dawks Segs and Chubbs. We are excited to have JT join the fold, ya know?”

However, with Tylers coming in it means the big rookie forward Winder is out. Winder was a staple on the Seals penalty kill and one of the top producers in the points department. “Let’s get it, legendary city, legendary team. It’s a huge honor to be in Quebec, I guess o should brush up on my French?.” Winder joked. “Do you know how to say ‘beer’ in French?”

The first Seals game broadcasted will be on November 19th. A chance to see how Tylers takes to being in Hollywood’s spotlight as they take on the Falcons.

Sean Lewdenski is the Head Analyst and insider for The GHL. Originally from Warsaw, Poland, he has moved to the states to pursue the American Dream.

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