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The Global Hockey League is rolling out a new initiative for it's players as well as the league's 31 GMs.

Players within the league will now have attendance based incentives in place for the upcoming season. Players in the GHL will be rewarded for watching GHL broadcasts whether it's on Twitch or Youtube. League personnel will keep records of which players attend games and how often. The players who tune in to GHL broadcasts the most throughout the course of the season will be rewarded with a boost to their overall ratings. Pretty cool right?

Now here's where the Advanced Scouting comes in to play. Global Hockey League GMs will receive benefits for "doing their homework" when it comes to scouting. General Managers who pay close attention to which players are attending broadcasts will have the advantage of knowing what players will be likely to receive a boost to their overall rating in the off-season based upon attendance. This will give the attentive GMs a clear advantage over the managers who are taking a less hands-on approach.

We're extremely excited for the added dynamics of this feature and we hope to see it being put to use in the many seasons to come!

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